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    Military alternator conversion kit

    Does anyone have a legible copy of the instruction sheets for this conversion kit, part #1920-00-000-0088, which they can post to the tech or library sections? Thanks, David
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    Has anyone done this?

    During and after Vietnam, it was common practice to replace the generator in the Mutt jeeps with a variety of alternators, according to the electric load the jeep had to carry. As the electrical...
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    Thanks for the help, I've got a spare carb and...

    Thanks for the help, I've got a spare carb and am going to send it to be rebuilt. Will let you know.
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    Sorry,meant choke. Wouldn't stay running...

    Sorry,meant choke. Wouldn't stay running regardless.
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    The first time it was started after the above...

    The first time it was started after the above work, it was run only in the garage. After @ 8-10 minutes it started to die like it was running out of gas... I then started it again and stood beside it...
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    Fuel leak-down m38a1

    After having my fuel tank cleaned and coated, and my military two-stage fuel pump rebuilt,and after installing an online fuel filter, my Jeep starts and idles/ runs well for awhile. But after awhile...
  7. Alternator install

    Some little known facts, in Canada the m38a1 was manufactured under license by ford of Canada I believe and used longer my their military than it was by ours. The Canadian m38a1 was in the later...
  8. Military wire crimping tool for both packard and douglas wire ends

    I'm looking for someone who is familiar with the.military crimping tools particularly those made by buchanan electrical products. I was able to score a complete set of these tools. But there are no...
  9. Alternator install

    According to TM 9-2920-225-34 for the M35a2 truck, the alternator I am planning on using ,man 2920-00-909-2483 ama-5102ut is both internally rectified and internally regulated.So I'm confused by your...
  10. Alternator install

    My Jeep is standard 24v military system. It currently has the oem generator system. I want to chànge this the the alternator system used on the m151a2 mutt jeep and the m35a2 truck.
  11. Military generator system to military alternator on M38a1 advise needed

    The mil-surp alternator I'm putting on has a built-in regulator so I assume that I can delete the need for a separate regulator? And also I have a question about turn signal wiring. Will the most...
  12. New to the forum from Oklahoma by way of South Carolina

    Hi to all. Owner of 1952 M38a1 starting to do some work after a couple of years. Thanks David
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