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  1. Grease Bibs ... aka Zerk Fittings

    Take a look for Zerk fittings or grease zerks (really - that's another name for them ... zerk)

    Here are links to some books that would be helpful:
  2. You should buy an owners manual to see how much...

    You should buy an owners manual to see how much information you find in it. "Research" .
  3. Thoughts

    Just some thoughts:

    Learning to work on a Jeep.

    The information in the books often turns out to be a suggestion every Jeep has its own set of likes and dislikes. Probably the biggest area of...
  4. Truck Luxury Options

    Old trucks had options for luxuries, but what they have now depends on what the original owners thought they needed or could afford.

    The 48 came out of northern Mississippi. Its original...
  5. Telling a Jeep Tale!

    You said:

    "To be honest, I'll be shocked if I get a response at all, but I thought I'd try. "

    You'll probably have more problems shutting us down. We get to have some of our tales retold!
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