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    1947 CJ2A with an F-head motor

    My 47 CJ2A that I got from my uncle has an early F-head motor in it. to make it fit he cut a hole in the hood and made a fiberglass "cowl" induction for it. I would like to go back to the original...
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    New member from Wyoming

    Hey everyone, new member here from Wyoming. Just acquired my great grandfather's 1947 willys CJ2A and uncle's 1951 CJ3A with the arctic cab on it. Looking at restoring both, but building the '51 to...
  3. '47 CJ2A done up as its military counterpart

    I just got my great grandfather's 1947 Willys CJ2A. Talking to my uncle and mother it was originally painted green. We would like to keep it as close to stock as possible, but thought it would be...
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