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  1. Thank you so much. You answer actually answer...

    Thank you so much. You answer actually answer multiple issues for this project. Jake
  2. Checking the Manifold Vacuum Pressure … 1958 L6-226

    The “ Service Manual for Jeep Utility Vehicles” (Para C-18) states to test the Vacuum pressure to determine certain valve issues. 550 rpm with a goal of 18-21 in of mercury.

    Checking the vacuum...
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    Original Carburator?

    I’m rebuilding a 1958 Willys PU L6-226 VIN 55268-45757 that I got from an old guy that did very few modifications. e.g. the thing looks almost completely original.

    I got it with a “GM 2 JET...
  4. Oil Filter Canister Question for 1959 Willys Jeep Pickup L6-226

    Hi, I’m starting this rebuild project and recently changed the engine oil and oil filter in the canister (Fig 1). The original Filter (Fig 2) is metal and the top & bottom holes are rounded out and...
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