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  1. Here's where it's at, roughly, as of right now....

    Here's where it's at, roughly, as of right now. I'm re clocking the knuckles after realigning the pumpkin to get the proper drive shaft angle.
  2. 1962 Willys Utility Wagon custom lifted crawler.

    Hello all, for the past 8 years I have been building my utility wagon that my father past on to me. It started out pearl white with stock ride height on dana 30s. Under the hood is a sb ford 351w....
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    New Guy! 1961 Willys Wagon!

    Hello all, my name is John, I'm new to the forum and recently working on completion of my 1961 wagon. I installed a ford 351 Windsor with 11:1 compression. Dana 60, and dana 44 front. I just finished...
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