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Thread: Greetings from Northern Alberta

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    Greetings from Northern Alberta

    Its nice to finally be part of something that shares the same interests with the Willys jeep. My dad purchased a 1953 CJ3B when I was about 14 years old. Since then, I have had many fond memories with that unit. From using the starter button to move the Willys back and forth in the driveway, to taking my girlfriend, now my wife on weekend backcountry camping trips. Since moving away many years ago and raising my own family, I have returned many summers and shared those experiences with my kids. Just last summer, we moved to another generation and took my grandson for some rides. Also last summer, after many years of searching for the right one, I purchased a 1958 CJ5 in Florida. I had that unit shipped to Cape Breton where it parks between the 53 and a 1957 CJ5 my dad bought a couple of years ago. The tradition continues....

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    Hi! Welcome to the forum! Post some pictures of your CJ-5 for us to see!
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