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Thread: New to mw CJ5 ...questions

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    New to mw CJ5 ...questions

    I've got a 59 wagon that is my daily driver but I'm looking at a CJ5 and know next to nothing about them, It is a 58 with a transplanted engine and transmission/transfer case. I've got 2 questions (1.) what is the round indentation on the side of the body just forward of the passenger but behind the front wheel. Is it an air intake for the air filter? this one has a patch on it and nothing is there. (2.) the engine is supposedly a V8 304 and looks like it was installed good but I'm wondering are there any issues running a V8 conversion or anything I should look for or be aware of? I'm not sure of the transmission or transfer case but I think they all came out of the same donor vehicle (late 70's or early 80's). I would like to make this look stock and be a nice driver (If the deal goes through) but it's a project that will need plenty of work. Thanks for any input.

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    Sorry I can't help much but would be interested to know how you like the V8 if you buy it. I just found a cracked block in the 4cyl project i am restoring and am now thinking about installing the V8.

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    Brad, the military version of the CJ-5, which is the M38-A1 had that indentation. It had a slave receptacle that a cable could be plugged into to jump another jeep or power other equipment.

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