Hello all,

I have a 1958 willys wagon. We had it completely tuned up 2 months ago as when it was bought the timing was off, along with other issues. The engine is great and has had no issues. I received the Willys form my Dad a month ago as he had it for 3 months after purchasing. It was not driven a lot by my Dad or me. Here is my questions. I took it out a month ago and it drove fine after 2 miles it started to backfire, and sputter as if the Jeep was not getting gas to the engine every time I hit the gas pedal. It is still doing this today as it will barely move and every time I push the gas pedal it is as if the timing is off or fuel pump. I have checked the timing and it is fine, I also checked the fuel pressure from the fuel pump and that is fine.

Has anyone had this happen and if so how did you get it repaired? I appreciate any help with this. Thank you