Bought "Ole Red" (a very, very faded Harvard Red) in April 1969 for $500.00. It was in bad shape as someone had used it to push things with and had really crushed the front bumper and frame horn on the right side. The existing repair was really ugly and a very poor welding job. Problems with the engine include a really low oil pressure. I hadn't driven it too long before the #3 rod started knocking and the crankshaft was trashed.

I bought a rebuilt engine and it has held together all these years. One of my first restorations was the frame. Many years ago I obtained a new frame from the Philippines for a reasonable price and while I was installing it I did some needed bodywork. It has sat in my garage for the last 15 years buried under the results of a couple of moves and I have just recently found time and money to start a restoration. The windshield frame had been welded (and not professionally, either!!!) so several years ago I bought another CJ2A just for the windshield frame and original seats. Sold it for the same amount that I had in it less the windshield and seats; the other jeep's body needed extensive work on the floor pan.

I am now working on the windshield and should have a clean restoration of that in a month or so. I will still have some work to do on the front fenders and grille. I need to recover the seats. Mechanically, "Ole Red" runs fine, but one of my future projects will have to be the steering gearbox...way too much slack. I guess the brakes will need some attention also.

Serial #64462. Still have original body serial number plate. Even matches the title! Frame serial number plate matches but it is pretty well mangled.