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Thread: Wheels for 1960 CJ-5

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    Wheels for 1960 CJ-5

    I have 7.00 X 15" tires on my CJ-5 with 5.38 axels. Top speed is about 48 MPH. Does anyone know how much 16" wheels & tires would increase speed?

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    Answer is based on the tire diameter, not the wheel size. It is a straight percentage calculation. If you put on tires that are 10% greater in diameter, top speed would increase 10% from 48 to 52.5

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    Thanks for sharing the link, bmorgil! I'll be saving that for future reference. By the way, Tom Drake, if ever you're looking for wheels that are compatible with the 1960 CJ-5, I did some digging and found these tire and wheel packages which may come in handy, just in case you're planning to buy spares. They also have various sized wheels and tires so you wouldn't have to worry about the diameter.

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    If you are looking for options for different widths etc. Ford and Dodge 1/2 ton 4X4 pickups run the same bolt pattern at 5 X 5 1/2", in case you are coming junk yards for options. International Scouts also share the same bolt pattern. Just have to ensure that the center hole is for manual hubs, Larger diameter. Just stay away from military surplus M151 wheels. The center is too small, and the backspacing brings the tire too close to the rear fender wells.

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