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Thread: Fuel pump install question: gaskets ?

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    Fuel pump install question: gaskets ?

    Please help me. I just removed the old fuel pump from CJ5 (engine F134). I am about to install a new fuel pump. (It is the glas bowl one without the vacuum for wipers)
    The old system had a spacer in between block and the fuel pump gasket. so I want to install that spacer also again back in place. The new fuel pump only come with 1 gasket.

    So now i have properly cleaned up block where fuel need to be fastened, a spacer, a fuel pump gasket and the fuel pump itself

    I cant think that you would not use a gasket also between the block and the spacer.

    My question:
    DO I need to have a gasket also between the block and the spacer or can I just use some RVT paste (silicone gasket maker) between block and Spacer.
    DO I still need to have that spacer (I read somewhere it is not necessary for the single pump)

    My thought are that I need the following between the block and the fuel pump
    Block, then gasket, then spacer, then gasket again and then only the fuel pump

    please advice

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    Hi Johan,
    If you don’t have an extra gasket just use some gasket sealant and you are all set. You will want to use the spacer still yes.

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