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Thread: Can you install an 8volt battery in a stock 6volt willys?

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    Can you install an 8volt battery in a stock 6volt willys?


    My Willy's is very sluggish when trying to start (like an old hound dog). Someone on another forum of a different site suggested using an 8volt battery to give the starter just a little more zip. Anyone ever done this? Any potential problems or damage that can be caused? (other than bulbs burning out quicker)?



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    My solution was to put in a 12 volt battery and a Delco alternator along with a change out of the coil and lamps. The original 6 volt starter is still on the vehicle...just one word of caution, keep the engine in good tune up so that it starts quickly that way there is not too much heat buildup on the 6 volt starter. If my 6 volt starter ever quits on me I will replace it with a 12 volt version. The Delco alternator conversion was fairly simple with only a shop-built bracket and pulley. The pulley I made matches the wide original 6 volt generator width so that I didn't have to change the water pump and crankshaft pulleys.

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    you can but need to be aware that all your gauges an lights may be blown unless you use a reducer

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