8th Annual Go Topless Day
Saturday May 16th, 2015

Go Topless Day is a spring tradition when we celebrate the warm weather and sense of fun and adventure that comes with owning a Jeep.This year Go Topless Day shares the date with Armed Forces Day. The Jeep 4x4 has an important role in our military’s past and we are eternally grateful to our country’s Armed Forces and veterans. It is with great pleasure that we have pledged to donate 10% of all Go Topless Day proceeds to
Operation Gratitude.
Because we know that community is one of the most powerful aspects of both Jeeps and Armed Forces support, we are encouraging all clubs and organizations that host a Go Topless Day event to reach out to the local military support foundations of their choice, through donations and inclusion in this special event.
How to Participate:
1. Take Your Top Off
Whether your Jeep has a hard top, soft top, bikini top, or no top, Go Topless Day is the time to shed it all and celebrate! Even if your top won't come off, please join the festivities!
2. Join Jeep Clubs Going Topless
Clubs and organizations worldwide are joining us to celebrate Go Topless Day with picnics, trail rides, convoys, trail clean-ups, beach parties, and other social events. Find Jeepers in your area to celebrate with!
Go Topless Day Events Worldwide
In the New England area? Join All Things Jeep and the Ocean State Jeepsters at our
East Coast Flagship Event.
3. Host a Go Topless Day Event
See how we can help you organize a Go Topless Day Event for the Jeep lovers in your community!
Host a Go Topless Day Event
4. Receive a Free Go Topless Day Decal
Send a self-addressed, stamped, business size envelope to:
All Things Jeep
GTD Sticker
1945 Kyle Park Ct
San Jose, CA 95125
and we'll send back your FREE
Go Topless Day 2015 decal!
5. Deck Yourself in Go Topless Day Gear
Our 2015 GTD Gear is ready to ship! We love the 2015 design and we hope you do too!
2015 Go Topless Day Gear - Click Here!
6. Share in the Excitement
Stay up to date with the latest GTD news, participate in our photo contests, be eligible for prizes, and enjoy our fun GTD countdown.
Visit our Go Topless Day Facebook page and become a fan!

7. Honor Our Troops
You don't have to wait for May 16th to support our troops in honor of Armed Forces Day! Find a charity that speaks to you and get involved.
Military Support Organizations

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