I’m new to the forum. I’ve owned my ’46 CJ2A for a few years and have been slowly working on it as a “driver”.
I was on vacation this spring and ended up in Moab UT during the 49th annual Easter Jeep Week. There was something like 2000 Jeeps in a town of 4000 people for 9 days. It was a lot of fun, but very few Willys.

Looking on the ‘net I see they have a Moab Willys event – but I live 2 days away from Utah (northern Illinois). The other Willys events I found closer to home (Ohio, Missouri) look like shows and swap meets, not drives in the woods.

Driving back from Utah I got the idea of seeing if I could find some like minded individuals to get together and spend a long weekend driving around in the woods of Northern Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan. There are a lot of gravel, two track, fire, and forest service roads in the area in both the Chequemegon and the Ottawa National Forests.

I’ve been putting together dual sport motorcycle rides in the N WI and UP of MI area for about 10 years and thought that it would be a riot to get together a bunch of old Willys and use them what they were meant to be used for……driving around.

So, is anyone interested? Things can start small and see where they go. If I can get 2+ other people interested and committed then I’d start thinking about pulling an event together. Look up “St Germain WI” and that’s the area where we would meet.

I was thinking maybe the weekend after Labor Day would be good…….all the “weekenders” will have gone home and the woods should be relatively quiet. Hunting season will not have started yet so there should be no bullets flying. It’s the weekend before the Jefferson City MO event so it won’t conflict with that.

These links should take you to some pictures of our Dual Sport events. A lot of the roads and trails you see in the pictures should be available to us in old Willys.

If you are interested in an event like this either post a response here or email me at leestromberg64 (at) gmail (dot) com