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Thread: 1955 Willys Jeep advise

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    1955 Willys Jeep advise

    Hi just bought a 1955 Willys Jeep CJ5, in good condition. My speedometer reads 1 thru 10 not 10 thru 100 it has Willys on it. My start button is 1 o'clock from the gas pedal. I have looked at several pictures and all show start button on the dash and the speedometer is 10 thru 100. Question is why is the one I have different?

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    I have a 1956 CJ5. The speedometer is 0-9 and the start button is like yours. I put a solenoid from a 1960's Ford on it and a more modern ignition switch so I can start it with the key switch. Mine is a civilian Jeep. I don't know if the military ones are different.Speedo.jpg

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