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Thread: Hello everyone:

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    Hello everyone:

    My name is Jerry I am new here, have been looking for a good place to swap info and to get new and better Ideas for my M38a1 1952. I got this from a good buddy of mine. I have wanted an old Jeep for years I have all the time in the world but as it would be not the money to do all the things I would like to but a little at a time. I have had this for about a year now and have done some work to it, a lot of time spent looking for info on it. It was changed to a 12 volt thank you I could not afford the 24 volt parts. I live in Las Vegas so I am not at a loss for places to take it out. What I would really like to know is what year and model Jeep can I swap parts for on this. Well I dont to write a book here so I will part for now, look forward to reading more posts... Thankz Have a great day!

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    The CJ5 was derived from the M38a1 and there was an overlap with the CJ3B production so some of those parts may be interchangeable other than that I can't offer much help. I have been told I couldn't get a part for one model but Ford used the same part on a different model and parts for those vehicles were still widely available (ie. to maintain my Bronco I used Mustang parts to fix my window linkage and F-100 parts to fix the stock suspension but could not get those same parts for the Bronco).

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