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    Love Jeeps

    After searching for years for a Willys Jeep (Sons name is Will) and not finding one in good shape that I could afford, I stumbled across a 1965 Kaiser CJ5 that was all original (Hurricane 4) no rust, 33K miles for under 3 grand. It was going to have to be my Willys!
    Imagine my surprise a little over 1 year later, I was driving through a small town when they were parking a 46 CJ2A on the street with a 4 Sale sign on it. It was all original (even the red wheels) and also had 33, 000 miles and NO RUST! Price a little over 3 Grand....
    So, my Jeep collection now has 2 old beauties! I also have a collection of toy jeeps, over 100 that I keep adding to. I like to put them out on display at old car shows and let the kids play with them while the adults look over the real Jeeps! Isn't that what toys are for?! Besides, as a kid I was infatuated with my toy Jeeps and plastic Army men...that's what made me the Jeep Man I am today!
    Jon Rossmiller

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    Here is a picture of our jeep toys! Although we don't have the collection you do maybe we can work on that.

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    Hi from another Wisconsinite!
    We fixed up a 48 CJ2A quite a few years ago but sold it. One of these days I'm going to get me a CJ3A. (I like the shorter hoods vs. the 3B). We also had a 63 CJ-5 but I am just to tall and have too big of feet to work the peddles so we sold that too.

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