Our organization is dedicated to the Restoration & Preservation of the 1948 - 1951 Willys-Overland Jeepster

Here are some reasons to join the Midstates Jeepster Association:

1. To promote the restoration of the WILLYS-OVERLAND JEEPSTER.
2. To bring together all those people who own, admire, and enjoy the JEEPSTER.
3. To share information, give advice, and lend a hand to any Jeepster owner that may need it.
4. To get together and have a good time telling each other how to restore our Jeepsters.
5. To supply information and parts, making it available to all club members.
6. To be able to receive and place free want ads in the MJA monthly Newsletter and on the Web site.
7. Each year MJA holds two Meets across the country, so most members can attend regardless of their
location. Sometimes "mini meets" are held by persons in their area where they live that may be too
distant to attend the regular Meets.