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Thread: Drop pitman arm

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    Drop pitman arm

    My son lifted a cj3a for his high school senior project. He did a great job, however, the jeep hops because the 2" lift caused the front wheels to toe in. I have been looking for a drop pitman arm to solve the problem. I can't find one so I assume there is another method to correct the problem. Does anyone have experience with this? Any advice?

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    A few years ago I put a lift kit in my 2003 Wrangler. The lift kit did not include a dropped pitman arm, so I ordered one separately. While installing the lift kit I could clearly see the dropped pitman arm was a necessity. Have you checked with KWAS to see if they have one? If by chance they don't you might want to look at Quadratec. They have proven to be a good source and everything I've purchased over the years has been quality and a perfect fit. Hope this helps.

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