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Thread: 54 CJ-3B Discrepancies

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    54 CJ-3B Discrepancies

    We recently purchased a 1954 Willys CJ-3B as a retirement project. The data plate has the number of 454-GB2- 18035 which indicates it is a 1954 CJ-3B. We ordered the Parts Manual, the Service Manual, and the Owners Manual.

    From the information in the Kaiser Willys Auto Supply Catalog it shows the 1954 CJ-3B should be a 6 Volt system, however this Willys has 12 Volt lights. According to the Kaiser Willys catalog the major change to the CJ-3B happened in 1957 when they switched over to a 12 Volt system.

    The Owners Manual indicates the wheels and tires should be 16 inch, but there are 15 inch tires mounted.

    The bezel and lenses for the front turn signals match what is called for on the Willys Wagon.

    The Willys is currently painted a light blue that does not match the color chart for 1954. We found an area that shows a shade of reddish orange that matches the Aztec Orange that was available in 1957.

    Is there a simple way to tell if the electrical system has been converted?

    Since the data plate are simply screwed on I would think they could be swapped around. Is there any other method to determine the year of manufacture?

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    It can be fairly difficult to figure out the exact year your vehicle should be. It was common to use leftover parts from previous years or models in the factories. If you look at the generator on your CJ-3B it should say on it either 6 or 12 volt. Also over the years things get taken out, replaced, and who knows what sometimes. My CJ-5 doesn't have it's original data plates and has parts from other vehicles on it.

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