Just a hello. Your forum and KaiserWillys parts is the best around. Thanks for the help so far. I've acquired a 69 CJ5 Universal that was in need of rescue. F-134, no top.....I'll get wet. I've been working on the frame after pulling the tub. Brakes are near done, bushings and now just ordered rebuild parts for steering. T-90 has a buggered reverse gear(thanks PO), and I'll hit it with a minor kit. Transfer case was another story. Had to torch out the main shaft due to neglect. I have a spare in Ct. and will mule that down soon. I am in need of a front diff(dana 27, 4.27's), after finding the pinion walk up and down. It might be savable. One thing at a time.
I will start a build thread soon. Hopefully, it will help others.
This will be a great little buggy for beautiful Fort Pierce. Cheers.SDC15953.jpgSDC15956.jpg