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Thread: Restoring Ham's '48 Willys - Plodding Along

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    Restoring Ham's '48 Willys - Plodding Along

    The list of things to get done doesn't seem to get any shorter.

    Things that have gotten done:

    New fuel pump installed and it works
    Doors hung
    Underside of bed painted and undercoated
    Interior colors selected and interior upholstery is in line for the interior guy to do
    Inside of bed painted
    Distributor timing with oil pump finally done to our satisfaction. The engine builder didn't line up the oil pump shaft with TDC per how it should have been. Oil pump had to be pulled twice to get it right.
    Oil pan leak fixed - a pin hole that was easily brazed over once pan was off.

    Now, things that still show up on the list.

    #@$%!! carburetor. Runs very rich, leaks. A word of wisdom and advice here. If you are really sure you know how to rebuild a carburetor, go ahead and do it yourself. If you're not absolutely sure - go ahead and have KWAS or somebody who does that for a living do it. You'll waste more shop hours at X dollars per hour than the professionally rebuilt carb will cost.

    Getting the engine to run right is my #1 worry right now. It should purr - well as much as any 4-hole F head ever will.....

    Exhaust system. Need to plumb in muffler and tailpipe, rig supports. Original supports are long gone.
    Finish paint on bed.
    And so on .....

    A few pictures today.

    I was able to match the original upholstery color very closely.
    Interior of bed photo - the blobs are junk on my lens
    Bed on frame - it's really level in the final version
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