We've just bought an old Willys truck from 1957 to restore. I think its the only Willys Truck here in Spain. It was matriculated in Spain in 1958 as a fire pump or fire engine truck. Actually all the back part is missing.

Its manufacturing number, shown in the docs we have, is 55068-05, this same number with other number 10002, both come in the name-plate, and the 10002 also comes in the chassis. Is it normal that in the documents of the vehicle only show the number 55068-05?

In the willys jeep serial number list the vehicle with this numeration appears in 1956, showing 0 vehicles units. And again the same numeration in 1957 with 5 (10) units. Shall I understand that the vehicle manufacturing started in 56 and finished in 57?

I am also looking for the vehicles manual (master parts listing) in Spanish version. Do you know if there's any available? Are there any other manuals of the willys truck in Spanish? I can see it in English in the shop on-line but would be great to have it in Spanish!

Does anyone know if there are any other Willys Trucks in Spain? Have found nothing at all in the internet!

Thanks for your help with my new-old truck!