We're a long way into the project, but we've run into some issues with getting the beast to run as it should.

Some basic facts:

Engine; F-head 134 - not the original L-head
Distributor: External vacuum advance with internal centrifugal advance as well
Carburetor: Carter YF

New Carb from KWAS. Rebuilt vacuum advance from KWAS. New fuel/vacuum pump.

As far as vacuum system is concerned - there is a vacuum port on the base of the YF carb. There is a vacuum port on the distributor. There is a vacuum port on the intake manifold. There are vacuum ports (inlet and outlet) on the vacuum booster on the fuel pump. And finally, windshield wipers run from the vacuum.

On the old engine before rebuild started, most of the vacuum lines were either disconnected or jury rigged, so we don't have a good example to use as a pattern.

What gets hooked up to where?