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Thread: 1960 willy truck body restoration

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    1960 willy truck body restoration

    The body on my willys has rust damage on the roof and along the truck bed. Should I bondo or replace with sheet metal. Does anyone know the guage of the sheet metal for the bed outer side panels and the roof. Thanks for your time. Tippy

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    I checked the gauge of the original bed side metal on my '62 and its 18 gauge. For sure you want to replace the rusted areas with new sheet metal. Bondo is wonderful as a filler no more than 1/8" thick, (hopefully less), to level things up where you weld in the sheet metal or to smooth up areas with dings and dents that you bump out with a hammer and dolly as close as you can. BUT.....I guarantee if you try to use bondo to repair rust holes it will come back to haunt you sooner rather than later.
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