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Thread: Inspection holes in bell housing

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    Inspection holes in bell housing

    I see two very large rectangular openings on each side of the bellhousing for inspection of the clutch and throwout bearing Etc. But are these things left uncovered all the time? Seems like some dirt and gravel could get in there what's your thoughts?

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    There are three holes. An oval on the top that has a cover with 2 small bolts, and two rectangles on each side. The top is for inspection. The sides are for the clutch fork. The bellhousing was set up to use a left side or right side clutch release. The unused side has a cover with one screw holding a clip in the center. On the early CJ's there doesn't appear to be a boot for the fork where it enters the bell housing. I have not been able to find one. On the side where the fork is used, it is open.

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    Thank you kindly sir

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