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    Hi. Just bought my dream machine 46 cj2a. Thousands of questions.
    Already 12 volt engine rebuilt by prior owner. Was wondering about proper brake shoe adjustment. And where the longer shoe pad is supposed to be front or rear.and how to install inner oil seal on rear axles. Found both rear drums loaded with oil and gunk.

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    Your Dream Machine

    "Thousands of questions." Hmmm .. About average.

    I would suggest you have Mr. Google look for things like "1946 CJ", "Jeep Brakes", "Jeep Rear axle Seals" and you would be surprised at how much information is out there.

    Much of it will be pictures in more detail than the original manuals, videos and "how-to" articles.

    Go ahead and buy a good shop manual. You can find them just for CJ's, not having to worry about vehicles you don't have. It will save you more time and fret than you would believe.

    Oh yes, you'll also need a big can of penetrating oil, a big can of Go-Jo hand cleaner and a box of Band-Aids for your knuckles.

    Brake Questions: "On some vehicles the lining on the forward shoe is longer than that on the reverse shoe".

    Brake Adjustment: CJ-2A and CJ-3A

    Be certain the the brake pedal has 1/2" of free travel before it starts to move the master cylinder piston.

    Jack up the wheels to clear the floor. Adjustment is made by rotating the brake shoe eccentric. With a wrench, loosen the lock nut on the forward brake shoe, hold the lock nut with one wrench and with another wrench turn the eccentric toward the front of the vehicle until the brake shoe strikes the drum, then while turning the wheel with one hand, release the eccentric until the wheel turns freely. Hold the eccentric in place and tighten the lock nut.

    To adjust the rear shoe, repeat the procedure only turn the eccentric towards the rear of the vehicle. Do this on all four brakes. Check the fluid in the master cylinder.

    In the event this adjustment does not give adequate braking action, or when it is necessary to reline the brakes - reset the anchor pins.

    No good advice on fishing out that seal ...

    (From the 1954 Willys Overland Mechanics Manual, Section N.)

    Oh yes, you should apply penetrating oil, persuasion, encouragement and sweat as needed to break those lock nuts loose. The Band Aids are optional, but the Go Jo will be needed.

    Let the fun begin.

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