Good afternoon.
I am starting work on my 1950 Willys Sedan Delivery (that I have had in storage for the last 39 years). I am hoping to get some help from others you who have already restored theirs? Mine is a 2 wheel drive, with a 134 F head. Does anyone know how many of these were made? The serial number has been removed from my truck. I do have a number on the engine.

Someone cut the parking brake out. I did buy the service manual but don't have a clear picture of how it goes back together. Does anyone have a good picture of the under side of their wagon or sedan delivery with the original parking brake and cables? I have had the engine rebuilt along with the brakes and the mechanic gave me a box of left over parts. Looking for a picture of the under hood engine compartment of a 134 to see if what I have in the box goes anywhere there. There are some holes in my fenders that look like something should be there (breather not installed, heater in the box and horn not installed?) I am excited to get my panel on the roads . Looking forward to connecting with some Willys experts.