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Thread: Finally made the leap!

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    Finally made the leap!

    Hello to all of you Willys owners. After many years of searching, I finally bought a 1961 Willys Wagon with the stock 6-226 engine. It was rebuilt but is having problems. Great compression but hardly any power, and needs lots of choke to run. Carb has been thoroughly cleaned out. New parts include fuel tank, fuel lines, fuel filter, plugs, electronic ignition, coil, and fuel pump. We think the mechanical timing is off (can't get the timing mark to line up). Any suggestions?
    Really looking forward to fixing the wagon up and driving in the hills here in Colorado.
    I'm having a hard time figuring out how to attach pictures. Any help on this?
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    "Lots of choke" suggests to me there a fuel shortage of some sort but if the timing is off that will cause issues too. I don't have a 226 manual anymore (it went with the CJ-5 I bought it for) to see if there is anything that could have been installed incorrectly on the rebuild like the cam or the distributor could be off a tooth.

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