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Thread: Newbie looking for some advice

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    Question Newbie looking for some advice

    Hi all,

    I've been looking around my local area to find my first Willys, and I ran across one on craigslist. I'm not too knowledgeable, but my best guess is it is a modified M38A1. I contacted the owner, but he doesn't seem too knowledgeable about its origins. I have pictures of the plates, but I frankly don't know what to look for. I was hoping you folks could help me identify it, and teach me what identifying marks I should be looking for. Also, is it a reasonable price (seems a tad on the expensive side to me)?

    P.S. Thanks for putting up with a bunch of questions I'm sure you get a lot. It really does help

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    Hi Steve,
    The M38A1 is a lot like a CJ5, go to your nearest NAPA Auto Parts and ask for a listing of every part available for yours (give year, make model, motor). Then ask for the same year Cj5, most motor parts are interchangeable.

    From the pics, it looks like a Buick V6 motor???? If so, good motor and used a lot in Jeeps.

    Also, check some of the military vehicle forums in addition to here, they may be able to help.

    The biggest difference between a civilian CJ5 and the military M38A1 was no frills (stripped down), body stuff and maybe waterproof electrical, of course the battery box (12 or 24V) and the shore-power access on right side of hood, also used for a snorkel/fording.

    Good Luck,

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