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Thread: Engine still burning oil after rebuild

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    Thumbs up Engine still burning oil after rebuild

    I have a 1955 Willys Jeep CJ5 with the 134 F head engine. I've had it for several years. I use it for pulling logs out of my woods. The engine always burned some oil. After doing a compression test I found that 3 cylinders had 70- 80 lbs and one had 100lbs. Although the engine had 40lbs oil pressure, I decided to rebuild the engine to fix the oil burning and to make it run and start better. After tearing it down I found 1 cracked exhaust valve, 1 bad exhaust guide, and no valve seals. All other valves and guides were good. I installed new exhaust guide and valve, new crank and rod bearings, rings, and valve seals and laped the valves. After getting it all back together and running it, it actually burns oil worse than it did before the rebuild. The engine runs very well and compression tests show 120lbs on all cylinders and at a fast idle it has 55 lbs oil pressure.

    After looking at spark plugs, they all were heavly coated with oil.
    I checked the crankcase ventilation and and seems to be working ok.
    I ran clean fresh gasoling through the carburator.

    Is it possible the high oil pressure is actually the problem by allowing oil to "flood" the rocker arm area and allowing too much oil to run down the intake valve stems?
    Could it be the new oil rings are not doing their job?
    Could it be head gasket?
    Could it be a cracked or warped head?
    What other tests can I run to troubleshoot this problem?
    Thanks for your help

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    FYI: I had to replace an oil pressure sender with a "50 PSI" sender. The old sender told me I had about 10 PSI at idle and 30 PSI at cruise (which I believed). Now I have 35 - 40 PSI at idle and way more than 50 PSI at cruise - which I don't believe at all! Did you happen to change a sender?

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