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Thread: New Dispatcher owner

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    New Dispatcher owner

    This is Gene in Ohio. I recently purchased a 1964 Willys Dispatcher from a local owner. This is not my first Willys. My first car was a 1957 DJ3a which I purchased in 1971 for $200. It had no top, bald retreads and mustang bucket seats. I drove it year round for two years and regrettably sold it. I also owned a 1962 Willys wagon in college and a 1951 Willys pickup, which I sold several years ago. I have been looking for a DJ for a while and was surprised to find one so close to home. The body and frame are solid and according to the former owner the mileage of 21000 on the odometer is correct. Short term I plan to make some minor repairs and drive it this summer. Long term I plan a total restore. Look forward to talking with other DJ owners.

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    I've had my DJ3A for 51 years now. Not a restoration, but the hot rod I always wanted. It was fun with the Go Devil engine and 3 speed, but I wanted something more fun.
    In 1970 I had a 327 and corvette injection in it- lotsa fun... 1971, active duty, 1973 punched it out and went to carbs,,, 1982 got married, but the wife wouldn't ride in it to church... career, 4 boys, so I put it away, 1998 divorced and restarted the project... 2000 glass body, boxed the frame, 2009 one son died and I sold my Harley to pay for his funderal, 2009 remarried, Fast forward to 2020... In primer, but it starts, runs, and burns the tires. LOTSA fun now.

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    Welcome Genes64dj!

    I'm glad we have some Dispatcher representation on here. Not many people know too much about them, and this will be a good addition to our knowledge base. Please post some pictures when you get a chance. We would love to see your project!

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    21,000 original miles is a rare find to be sure. I cant wait to see some pictures. Welcome aboard!

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