20160723_112906.jpg20160723_112906.jpg20160725_143927.jpg1469468467945.jpgI came across a willys jeep in a field when I was driving down a road one day, I took some pics and did some research and am stumped on what year this jeep is, I know its between a 45 and 53. (I think) I went back and took some more pics and popped the hood to see where the spark plugs were and there is a sbc in there. I looked more in depth on line and I am still stumped on this one, any help with this is greatly appreciated,
Here is what I found out about the jeep,
I am 99% sure it is a 80 inch wheelbase, front wheel is turned slightly but I am sure it is 80, 5 lug.
Windshield height is 27 inches and has a one piece window with rounded corners and the vent in the middle.
the cowl area measures 10 inches from the back of the hood to the bottom of window frame, (not 4 or 6 which I read earlier)
it is a 7 slat grill with big headlights and big turn signals under the headlights.
willys is stamped on the side of the hood,
there is no spare tire rack carrier, either on the side or the rear, no bolt holes where the brackets would go or anything, there is a tailgate with no stamping in it indicating if it willys or ford,
the transfer case levers (2) are on the right hand side of the shifter for the transmission.
there is a motor in it, but its a small block chevy engine, don't know the year or anything of that, I was shocked that was in there. I closed the hood and reopened it just to make sure I was no dreaming.
the fuel tank filler is located behind the back wheel on the drivers side and no where the drivers door would be, I looked for evidence of it being relocated but it looks like it came from the factory that way.
it is a flat fender jeep with 1 inch drop in the front and not the 6 inch drop.
there is a battery box located between the seats,
there is no glove box,
no tags on the firewall.
there is a military blackout light headlight assembly located left of the steering column on the dash board, the gauges are black and they are 5 separate ones on the same panel mounted on the middle of the dashboard. I talked to someone else about it and he said the taillights are really big but they are for a willys jeep,