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Thread: 52 willys pick up.

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    52 willys pick up.

    Can anyone tell me what the stock front and rear axles are in these trucks? I plan on replacing the frame with an 1986 wagoner frame to gain some stiffness and was wondering what front and rear axles are in these trucks. I just purchases this truck and plan on many upgrades. Much appreciated, thank you.

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    Front Axle most likely a Dana 25. Transfer case; Dana 18. Transmission T-90. Rear Axle, most likely a Dana 53.

    But - it's been around for over 50 years and you can never be sure as to (a) how it really started out and (b) who may have changed something.

    Good Luck...

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    20161009_164029.jpg hello. this truck is from a friend mine, use a scout front end. whit disk brake and keep the original direction, only have to change the left knuckle for a dodge,

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