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Thread: Pulling out my hair.

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    Pulling out my hair.

    Purchased a Willys 1944 MB. Totally restored. Looks great in my garage because the guy who sold it to me can't get it to run for more than half an hour before it shuts down. Ready to ring his neck. Nice guy, but can't get out of his own way. Replaced battery since it was running at 75% without use. Charged original battery back up, but it would go back down to 75% (again without use and sitting for only 2 days). Installed new NAPA battery yesterday, Jeep started and ran for half an hour then shut down again. Strong smell of gas as repeated attempts to start it up failed (I know, flooding it). Just made a "gggurrll" sound and won't turn over. New battery strength was 83% this morning. I'm at a loss and don't want to have request a refund. He's had two mechanics work on it, but problem has not been resolved. Could use some guidance here as we want to use the Jeep for some upcoming documentary films. Patience, patience, patience....being tested.


    Appreciate any feedback.
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    I's suggest you go over to the CJ2A/CJ3 pages and post your question. They tend to have more advice to offer...

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    Merci. Appreciated.

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    hello. try with new spark-plugs, if you can use platinum is better,

    good look

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    and don't forget change the condenser, when if fail is a little tricky, maybe that is your problem

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    Hi --- Also try teck page That site is for MB/GPW Jeeps

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    is this an exact in a six volt positive ground system? Forgive me if this is obvious to talk about, I'm new here. If its the old school system is what you are asking about and you have some all original show advise is scrap that crap in put in a 12 volt system. If you have a museum piece seems like you need to park her there. There are many reasons the whole world went to 12 volt negative ground. You can see which I prefer. Lemme know what ya got and I can help, wont be a dick about it either.
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