I recently completed a complete engine rebuild on my 48 CJ2A. all is finally well with the rebuild, but now i have discovered that the vehicle will NOT move in 2-wheel drive. It acts like it is stuck in neutral. However, all is well when I engage the transfer case and put it into 4-wheel drive. I cannot figure out why there is no power to the drive shaft in 2-wheel drive. When moving in 4-wheel, it appears that the rear wheels are in fact causing the drive shaft to rotate, so I think the axles and differential are ok. Maybe not. I just don't know enough about it to know for sure. since the transfer case is behind the transmission, why can I run all 4 gears ok in 4-wheel drive but not in 2-wheel drive? Realize I am a complete amateur at auto mechanics and know virtually nothing. Any help or directions would be greatly appreciated before I start willy nilly pulling things apart that i know nothing about. Thank you. Dan