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Thread: 1960 cj5

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    1960 cj5

    Good morning everyone! I bought a 1960 Willys CJ5 a week ago. So far I've cleaned the oil-bath air cleaner, fixed the turn signals and some other little stuff. I'm having trouble getting the brake lights working though. Anyone have any good resources to help me on that?

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    First thing - go get the Service Manual for it!

    The most common reasons brake lights won't work:

    A. Somewhere a wire got cut or pulled loose. Just go fish ...

    B. Check for a blown fuse somewhere..

    C. Defective brake light switch - on the back of the master cylinder.

    Of course, it will probably be something else entirely unrelated to any of these ... it's an old Jeep!

    (There was this one time someone had put the wrong bulb in the light and then got forced it in backwards ... that sort of thing)

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    yup,LarrBeard was right,and check about the type(model) of light,whether is wrong.
    To bring you light for your car

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