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    Fresh Addiction to Jeeps...

    Hey guys!! My name is Chuck. Towards the end of last year I was able to aquire a 57 Willys CJ5. I won't say for how much, cause it might make somebody upset, lol. But needless to say I got it for a song. It's in pretty good shape for its age and given how it's been driven. And near instantly I was hooked on the Jeep lifestyle. It was kind of meant to be I'd reckon. Not long after that several of the guys at the diesel shop I work at started bringing thier jeeps around and conversations started up. So now, 6 months into my jeep ownership, I'm in a club. And absolutely addicted. Second only to my mistress, lol, which is my 06 f350 drw powerhouse, my jeep takes center stage. She's a little thing, and a little rough for wear, but will now and forever hold a BIG place in my heart. I appreciate you guys accepting me into the family, and look forward to learning all I can and sharing many good times with you guys as we all travel through this crazy obsessed JEEP life!!!

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