Ok, so a while back i was reading an article that explained how to convert my old 57 CJ5 to power steering. This article described using kind of a grab bag of parts. Doing this from memory, but i think i remember like a 90's ford steering gearbox, whatever kind of ps pump i could fit, maybe gm saginaw, and a reverse drop pitman arm from an older ford. The way they made it sound it would be a pretty easy install with minimal fabrication. And I think i have even found a bracket made to bolt and and adapt that steering gearbox.

My question was this, has anyone on here actually done a conversion like this? And if so, what kind of success did you have? I know i have seen many many pics of guys with 40's-50's jeeps that are lifted some and have larger tires, and I know they arent old schoolin the steering, none of them looked big enough and i saw no peterbuilt steering wheels...lol.

Any advice or stories related to this are well welcomed.