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Thread: Retored usmc grunt

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    Retored usmc grunt

    greetings, for some reason i never got around to this. Name is Ira Jones, reside in coastal North Carolina. Grew up in Chicago land and enlisted shortly after Jack Kennedy killed. Was infantry until Company Cdr called me in and said "Cpl Jones, I understand you have a ham radio license. How come you never told anyone," "I replied no one asked"..... He says "when did you get it and take all the tests?" I told him did it when i was 12. "HE SEZ YOU ARE NOW MY RADIO OPERATOR" "I said oh joy(to myself of course" so at that point they kept sending me to schools and such. so a comm guy I became
    retired from the USMC Feb 1989 with 26 yrs. and the jeep i am restoring is the M38A1 and is the same jeep i rode around in in vietnam in the 60's. actually have two of them, and have one stripped down to frame, waiting for a bit of warm weather to get frame sand blasted, then i get to hang pieces and parts on the frame. probably sand blast in 2wks

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    Does it have the mount for a PRC-25?

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