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Thread: New to site..Happy to be part of this forum

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    New to site..Happy to be part of this forum

    I have been restoring a 1952 M38A1. almost done and looks great. I want to know what others are doing with the annoying oil leaks. I cannot seem to get a consensus on how to fix a leak that I have been told is from the rear seal. ( replaced it 2 times already). Is there anyone with expertise in the slow oil dripping and offer any good guidance on how to fix the leaks?

    Also I want to know if anyone has a good diagram on how to anchor the cable for an emergency break. I cannot hook up the military version that goes between the seats because the brake crank at the break pulls horizontally and not vertically. I want to mount the cane but have no good diagrams on how this gets anchored to the firewall and how brake cable is tied down to frame. Any help would be great. Looking forward to any replies.

    Thank you,
    Paul- Naples, FL.

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    How to Housebreak Old Jeeps?


    The F-134 is notorious for rear seal drip ... drip ... drip. The F-134 in my '48 truck drip ... drip ... drips. It's not housebroken, I have to leave paper out for it.

    One of my mechanic friends maintained the M38A1 when it was still in use with the Army (circa 1967) and he says all of them drip .. drip ... dripped. It was a good way to make sure they had oil in them.

    But, he comforts me by saying that an oil drip is a lot like blood - a little looks a lot more serious than it really is.

    If anyone comes up with an answer - we all want to know!
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