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Thread: Faux Voltage Regulator

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    Faux Voltage Regulator

    I had a question from a gentleman from Colorado about some details of converting from a 6-volt generator/regulator system to a one-wire 12-volt alternator (self-excited, internal regulator) but using the standard harness for a ’52 Pickup (F-134, key start).

    I’ll share the details in a more elaborate Tech Note, but as we figured out what goes where, we saw that everything we needed to hook up all came together at the old 6-volt regulator and we could use that as some sort of a junction box. We also decided it would be a good idea to add a fuse to the system to back up the thermal breaker on the light switch.

    After some brainstorming, BigFishDave found a way to put a 60-amp fuse in the old regulator housing. The alternator “B” wire (blue/white) goes to what was the “A” terminal of the regulator base. The “BATT” terminal goes to that big red/white wire, with a fuse between them. The “F” terminal is really not used, but he hooked up the old yellow/blue “F” lead just to have a place to put it.

    It makes a neat package, and with the cover on the old regulator, people will scratch their heads and wonder “What in the heck is that guy doing?”

    It’s part of the Jeep Mystique!

    It's been a long winter, imaginations go wild!!
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    I really like making people scratch their heads in wonderment, just ask my neighbors. Job well done you guys!

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