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The rotating assembly would be the crank shaft, connecting rods, pistons, and the valve train. Some machine shops will assemble everything to ensure proper fit, then others fit everything, and leave the parts out for the owner to assemble.
The starter can turn alright without a load, but if there is a short in the windings, or the brushes are shot, the starter will not have enough umph to get the engine turning. Have it checked out by a starter rebuild shop, to at least have it checked.

Also check the condition of the battery cables. You can check the resistance of the cables, to see if it is high. If so, the voltage drop can cause the starter to act up.
Ok, I put in everything except the camshaft and valves. While assembling the crankshaft and pistons I would turn the crank every time I would tighten a main or rod bearing. no hang-ups there. I feel comfortable I assembled the engine correctly. Adjusted the valves like they should be.
I replaced the battery cables. In fact, I'm probably one of Kaiser Willys best customers. There's not much I haven't replaced that didn't come from there and I've replaced about everything. Their the ones that overhauled my starter. There's a reputable shop in town I'm going to take my starter to, to see if it is working correctly.
I did want to mention that I swapped out the 6 volt battery with an 8 volt. I understand it will work but you'll have to adjust the generator.