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Thread: New to Willys jeep

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    New to Willys jeep

    I would like to purchase a Willys Jeep.
    I do not know where to look on the frame for hidden rust, or what else to look for on a jeep. How do i know if it's a good price for the jeep..

    Thanks Rich

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    Well, inspecting a jeep is pretty much the same as any other car. I would look under the frame for obvious rust under both drivers and passenger side as well as rear. Does the jeep run? Brakes operate, 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive operate properly when engaged in 4-wheel "high" "low" and neutral"? A 'good price' is pretty much what a knowledgable buyer will pay. Prices are all other the place and seem to depend mostly on condition. Check out the 'for sale' ads on this web site. What does the seller say about last time it ran, what maintenance records does he have (if any?). Is it registered in your state? Does the seller have clear title papers? If all else fails, find someone local who is familiar with jeeps and take him with you to inspect. Do NOT pay anything up front until you get possession. If seller insists on up front money, take a pass on it and go on to the next vehicle. Mostly common sense and do a lot of research before plunking down hard earned cash. Good Luck.

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    I would check the frames for cracking and engine for any signs of leaking. Checking the steering and suspension is a good idea also.

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    If you see a plow on it , scrutinize it more and check the frame horns and front of the frame to make sure it's not bent . that can turn into a lot of work .

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