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Thread: New Here BRAKE / CLUTCH Question

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    New Here BRAKE / CLUTCH Question

    I have a 1963 Willys 4wd truck. Had it many years and never let me down. Been in Arizona 8 years. Recently I had a problem with my clutch pedal interfering with the brake pedal when I push them at the same time. Both peda;s rotate on the same horizontal shaft that comes straight out from the frame. HAS Anyone had that little problem? It's Ok if you know it just press brake after its out of gear but sometimes the brakes wont push if the clutch is depressed. THANKS A LOT I have 25 years jeep truck ownership experience with you.

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    I would suspect that the holes at the bottom of the pedals, the holes the mounting shaft goes through, have worn and let the pedals wobble to the point that they can interfere with one another. Could be wear on the bracket/shaft.

    Those pedals can wear out - they were seldom greased.

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