Hello friends, I'm relatively new to jeeps so please bear with me. I recently acquired a cobbled together CJ2a...fiberglass tub etc. previous owners went to a lot of work redoing everything.. wiring, lights, everything under the hood, brakes etc. So its difficult to tell what it really is, but its nice to drive and everything works.
Here is the issue: the engine serial number has the prefix 141 which indicates the engine is from a 1941 willys "141 Americar" and runs great.
However the crank pulley and the water pump pulley are not in the same plane. They are offset my about 1/2 to 3/4 inch which causes axial force on the water pump making it scream. In other words the pulleys are offset by that amount so the fan belt is at an angle causing sideways stress on the pulleys.
Can anybody tell me why the pulleys don't line up?
Thanks, Tom