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Thread: Setting a sale price - 43 Willys

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    Setting a sale price - 43 Willys


    I have a 43 Willys jeep that is in very rough condition. I was considering junking it but I would rather someone have it for parts, etc. So I was wondering if it is worth anything more than the junk iron price.

    It has been sitting outside for 5 years. The engine will run but has a flat spot on the crank and it knocks. The body is faded blue, the bed is rusty and uneven, the brakes are bad, the windshield and headlights are broken. The front bumper has some short sections of pipe on the corners as if for flags.


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    This sounds like either a project or parts Jeep - it just depends on the buyer's intentions.

    Look at the Willys classifieds and you can see what people are asking for all sorts of Willys': check out

    Between the top of my head and the seat of my pants; $750 to $1,000. Might go a bit more if you have all the papers in order.

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    43 Willys price

    Thanks, I will take a look there.


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