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Thread: considering willys/jeep #7

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    considering willys/jeep #7

    Over the years I have had a number of willys, loved them all. Dang things, just cant kill them... but you know that...

    I moved from to Idaho recently and want a rig for flompin up and down the hills. I have my eye on a 63 with a buick v6 in it. Overdrive, looks pretty solid based on the pics. Havent seen in it in person yet, probably this weekend.

    I really dont have any questions just yet. About the only thing that needs dealt with soon is a leaky heater core thats out of it already/bypassed...

    rigs in the past...

    56 cj5
    56 M38A1
    56 Truck
    61 Wagon.

    No particular reason for the slew of 56's. Really would love to have a flatty, but the lack of heater and wipers in most is an issue. I am pretty busted up (30 surgeries so far, and I am due for two knee replacements and a shoulder replacement) so no projects for me. Would love to have one, but just cannot do it any more...

    Anyhoo. Howdy!

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    Good luck with your knees and shoulder surgeries. Hope you will not be down long, and will be out and about soon. The 63 sounds like a winner, in my opinion. Good luck!

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