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    Cool New member.

    Hello all -

    In the mid 1970,s I purchased a 1963 CJ5 from an Air Force officer stationed in Colorado Springs. It was/is bone stock but a Kelley All Steel top had been installed. I used this vehicle on my ranch until 2002 when I sold the ranch. During the last ten years or so of my ranch ownership, the Jeep had not been used much at all. It had been maintained and kept in good running condition but the several four wheel pickups that I owned were much more useable on the ranch than the CJ. I removed the top, put the windshield down and entertained guests with open air rides around the ranch.

    Since my retirement in 2002, I have gotten back into Jeeping. My wife and I have moved to Colorado Springs and find ourselves less than a mile from Pike National Forest. Several years ago I purchased a 1980 CJ5 with the 4.2 L six (which I have dumped tons of money into) to use as a mild to serious rock crawler. Last year, the wife and I purchased a "like new" 2003 TJ Rubicon which my wife claimed as her own. As part of a plan to get at least part ownership in the Rubicon back, I promised "she who must be obeyed" that I would restore the '63 CJ5 for her. I have acquired an odd fire V6 and T14 transmission that will be used.

    This ought to be interesting.

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    In my opinion, I would take the 63 over the 03. I like vehicles with character. I like my daily driver, but have a lot more fun driving my 46 CJ.

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