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Thread: NewBe looking for advise

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    NewBe looking for advise

    I just purchased a 1951 Willys Pickup that s all original and my intention is to keep it that way. My only thought about a modification is regarding the brake system, I doubt that I will ever drive over 45 MPH but I would still like good breaking power. Do I want to install a power booster, or should I consider a disc break conversion, I am told both option are reversible, require no modification and are bolt-on projects. Any and all advise would be appreciated.

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    Good thinking. The only thing more important than getting it to run well is to stop it well!

    Here is an opinion. when we restored the '48, we considered the same question. The truck is a fairly heavy truck, probably about 3500 pounds, with most of the weight in the front. If you redo the original brakes (new drums, wheel cylinders, master cylinder, etc.) you will have brakes as good as original.

    As I found out when the idiot tried to pass the '48 on the wrong side, you can lock up the rears and slow things down VERY fast with just original brakes and a heavy foot! (Underwear change may be needed...)

    If you went to discs, since the braking will be mostly on the front - maybe just the front brakes.

    Let us know what you decide.
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